Hidden Treasure Bins is your premier bin store in Boardman, Ohio! Fun and Friendly Bargains is the store’s tagline, they provide a wide variety of merchandise in an upbeat environment. From coffee makers to car parts, microwaves to mascara and a whole lot more, you never know what you’ll find in the handmade bins at Hidden Treasure Bins!

If you’re not familiar with the “Bin Store” concept, here’s the scoop. It starts with a fresh and exciting pricing structure applied to the merchandise in the store. The merchandise is “liquidated freight,” which generally consists of Overstock, Shelf-pulls, Close-outs, and Customer Returns of common household items, personal electronics, clothing, and auto parts to name a few. Everything in the store on Saturday is priced the same, regardless of retail value. Then, each day the price is reduced until the store opens Saturday, where it starts all over again.

The store re-stocks on Friday night with a wide array of valuable and desirable items. The opportunity to buy a wide variety of merchandise for pennies on the dollar generates excitement and anticipation of the store opening every Saturday morning.

Hidden Treasure Bins shopping experience is like Black Friday every week of the year!

-anonymous shopper

We do our best to source Brand New Products to place in our bins, consisting of mostly shelf pulls and overstock merchandise. You will find around 98% of our items are new in the manufacturer’s original box or package. We also do our best to keep the store neat and the bins clean, therefore, please ask an associate for assistance inspecting sealed merchandise.